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Things I Literally Need : Stella & Bow Bracelet

1 Apr


Can you think back to 2004?

Ten whole years of hormones and Harry Potter releases ago feels like an awful long time, and you might need some serious mind yoga to remember it.

Never fear, the loopy and intensely tuned-in fashion world is here to rescue you!

Aptly entitled the ‘Burn Book Capsule Collection’, the LA-based jewellery brand has created a range of pieces that every one that has ever seen Mean Girls – which came out in 2004 –  literally needs. Of course, due to the rules of supply and demand, there are not enough for this to work, so basically you need to get one before it’s too late.

Little hearts engraved with ‘Fetch’ and those broken hearted double necklaces we used to have when we were little that said ‘best friends’, except this time they say ‘Best Bitches.’ And then, this gold plated bracelet. So fetch.

Get it here