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Opening of LIV Night Club

11 Apr


So I’m actually only two days in to my internship at I Love Manchester and it’s already pretty damn amazing. Last night, Simon and I went to the press launch of new fancy-pants club LIV.

On the way down the steps (hazardous for some of the platform-happy heels I was seeing in there) we were greeted by the smug slogan “LIFE IS A PARTY”. Personally, I’m all for mottos that smack of hedonism, but I can’t help but feel that in a place this elitist, they mean it literally.

Apart from the oodles of white neon – because I like white neon as much as I like creme eggs – I’m not too sure about the place. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little bit of healthy capitalist competition but there’s a line between playful and poser and these guys have crossed it. For a night club, there’s an awful lot of space to sit your expensively clad bum, and the dance floor is positioned almost stage-like between the rows of leather alcoves.

What kind of person wants to dance in full view of seating probably filled with lecherous businessmen and flowery footballers? I can think of a few, and they’re not the kind of people with whom I’d like to spend a Saturday night.

But they do make a nice cranberry vodka.

Watch out for tomorrow, as I’m off to the Supersonic event tonight!


Stilettos – Zara

Leather Jacket – Barney’s Leather

Dress – Ark


Gay Pride Featuring The Feeling And The Concorde

7 Apr


Yet again, my internship outdid itself! It was another event to attend on behalf of VIVA magazine: Supersonic for Manchester Pride. The venue was the Concorde Hangar at Manchester Airport and the stage and tables were laid out beneath the vast belly of the awesome plane. Upon early arrival for the press call, we were ushered up the steps and into the plane itself to conduct the interview with The Feeling. I was so nervous: they were all sat halfway down the aisle on the leather seats and I was directed next to Dan, the lead singer, where we chatted about their upcoming album – the interview will feature in the print magazine.



During the interview, I told them that I remembered listening to their ‘I Love It When You Call’ where it was played all day at Blackpool Water Park when I was about thirteen. Later on when they played it with us stood directly in front of the stage, Richard the bassist was smiling at me. He later told me (fuelled by the many Coronas and neat swigs of gin they’d had on stage) that he’d been thinking of me hearing the song when I was younger as they played it. I could have cried!

The set they played was amazing, and they treated us to Fight For Your Right by The Beastie Boys as a drunken extra (complete with a rock ‘n’ roll jump from the bass drum).


Relevant Anagram

When the dance floor came alive with gay men (who are astonishingly excellent dancers), we were coaxed up by one of them: Joe, who we danced with to Beyonce (naturally) and Kylie (of course).

The food was mouth-wateringly good: poached salmon and spinach tartlet, braised lamb shank with seasonal vegetables and herb mash, finished with a citrus tart and berry compote. The entertainment during dinner was great too; Alexander Stewart and Ren Harvieu are definitely artists to check out if you’re into swing and soul.


All in all, a ridiculously amazing night that ended in us sharing Richard (the bassist’s) birthday cake, that lay in a crumbled mess after it’s slicing by drum stick in the absence of a knife.