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Opening of LIV Night Club

11 Apr


So I’m actually only two days in to my internship at I Love Manchester and it’s already pretty damn amazing. Last night, Simon and I went to the press launch of new fancy-pants club LIV.

On the way down the steps (hazardous for some of the platform-happy heels I was seeing in there) we were greeted by the smug slogan “LIFE IS A PARTY”. Personally, I’m all for mottos that smack of hedonism, but I can’t help but feel that in a place this elitist, they mean it literally.

Apart from the oodles of white neon – because I like white neon as much as I like creme eggs – I’m not too sure about the place. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little bit of healthy capitalist competition but there’s a line between playful and poser and these guys have crossed it. For a night club, there’s an awful lot of space to sit your expensively clad bum, and the dance floor is positioned almost stage-like between the rows of leather alcoves.

What kind of person wants to dance in full view of seating probably filled with lecherous businessmen and flowery footballers? I can think of a few, and they’re not the kind of people with whom I’d like to spend a Saturday night.

But they do make a nice cranberry vodka.

Watch out for tomorrow, as I’m off to the Supersonic event tonight!


Stilettos – Zara

Leather Jacket – Barney’s Leather

Dress – Ark