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Splendid Sausage Company Is Splendid

15 Apr


Yesterday I ate a lot. Yes, I do eat a lot most days but seriously, Splendid Sausage Company really, really spoiled me. The brand new gourmet dining joint which has been open less than a week wants you to know straight off that they say ‘No’ to Weiners.

Yes this is a hot dog place, but no, they don’t serve those slimy excuses for meat that come preserved in liquid like some sort of grotesque lab sample. They use Howarth’s Butchers for all their meaty sausages, and that lovers, is a place that has won the gold medal for Best Cumberland Sausages.

Once they’ve got the ultimate basics, they pile right on there with a myriad of completely fresh, in-house ingredients. A popular concoction is The King, which brings peanut butter and banana to the hot dog party. As I have more allergies than I’d care to admit, this serving is out of the question for me. Instead, I’m served the JYD and the Mexican, along with their already semi-famous eggs benedict fries. I told you I ate a lot.

I’m also served a ‘Sundae Strawberry Blondie’ which is better than it sounds, but which won’t be around for long. You see, Splendid like to mix things up a bit, and so their dessert changes weekly and will morph to suit occasion. This Easter weekend for example, I’d reccomend going to check out their sausages shot through with chocolate and topped with home made hot cross bun crumb. And then finish that up with an Easter egg pinata cake, which you’d be actually mental to pass up.

Thank you Mike and Emily for having me, you guys have a seriously cool restaurant.

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The Mexican




VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out

21 Jan




On October 10 2013, my life reached this ridiculous sort of high that was buoyed up on employment satisfaction and champagne bubbles. I cam across these photographs again today and realised I hadn’t shown a lot of them on here.

I was actually surprised the day at VIVA HQ way back in March when I heard that VOGUE magazine was going to host their annual fashion extravaganza in Manchester. Don’t get me wrong, I’m endlessly proud to be Mancunian and see it is a perfect setting to host it, but I had no idea that the conservatively London-centric magazine would see my city the same way. By marking Manchester on their treasure map with a great glistening cross, VOGUE turned Deansgate – Exchange Square into a fairytale, Valentino kitten heeled stomping ground. These pictures were taken by Georgie Glass of The Slimmer Photographer, and Matthew Corner, and they epitomise my incredible evening.



With Alexandra SchulmanImageImage1378171_10202210743729345_816879856_nImageImageWith Jonathon Saunders1381319_10202210746409412_230260498_nImageImageImageImageImageImageSelfridge'sat 'Vogue Fashion's Night Out Manchester Opening Party at Hugo Boss'


5 May

003 (2)So last night I was reporting for VIVA on Manchester’s It event at The Palace Hotel, where my editor Emma had signed up to fight in one of the eight boxing matches. She won of course, and my new friend and fellow intern Joanna and I spent most of the night drinking wine we shouldn’t have, enjoying far too much food and complaining earnestly about the frankly idiotic commentator and his  ring girls.

I had a bit of a panic on the day because I realised too late that I hadn’t anything that formal. I rush shopped The Trafford Centre and found this amazing mid-length skirt for £10 at Topshop. Amongst the boring black or white formality, I stuck out like a wannabe-Dior sore thumb.

005 (2)

Corset: Elle Macpherson Intimates

Skirt: Topshop

Shoes: Zara

Necklace: Primark