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Things I Literally Need : Sheinside LAME Sweater

26 Mar


Alongside The Burger Connoisseur, “Things I Literally Need” is a new and permanent instalment on my blog.

The thing with fashion is that it is necessary. Sure, you could walk round in bare foot, but it’d hurt right? So we wear shoes. And the truth of the matter is, why would you wear shapeless, shuffly flats when there are things such as Isabel Marant Dicker boots and Valentino RockStud flats available for our feet? Food for thought.

This sweater is from Sheinside.com and it’s only £11. That, my friends, is a week of okay food for one, or a lifetime of being able to wear a sweater that says ‘Lame’ on it in inappropriate situations (such as exams). Your choice.

buy it here