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OOTD: Exam

31 Jan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere’s definitely something about exams that make people chill their outfits right the hell out. It’s like some sort of disease that even infects those people who haven’t sat contemplating their own intelligence in the exam hall in ten years. There was a woman in the train station yesterday who was actually wearing a onesie as if it were just that normal. I think she thought that because it was Superdry, it was okay. That is of course like saying that it’s acceptable to drown puppies if you’re wearing Maison Martin Margiela while you’re doing it. That she was committing this crime in the middle of our university’s exam period is, I feel, not a coincidence. (As Sherlock Holmes would say, the universe is rarely so lazy.)

Thankfully, no one was wearing a onesie in the exam hall yesterday, though general grunge slouchiness was ubiquitous.


I think that people take to exam dressing as they do to airport dressing. That is, those who dress well usually carry on annoying everyone in their amazing leathers and boots, and those who don’t, dress for comfort. Though I was trying to enter into the former category today, I fear that I actually entered the latter with my exquisitely comfortable trousers and layers of sweater. Out of the people I surveyed before we began to write about George Herbert’s Bible-bashing until our hands cramped, one hundred percent of them were wearing their boyfriends’ sweaters. Now even though I only surveyed two people (one of them being me), I think you get my point.

I feel that too many years sat uncomfortably shifting around on plastic chairs because of burning tights itch and being unable to cry properly over your exam due to the top button slave collar has rendered us all comfort whores in the exam hall.


Foundation – Dior Skin Forever in 020

Sweater – Gap, via my boyfriend

Leather-look pants – Zara

Faux Fur Coat – Zara

Boots – River Island

Watch – Vintage, via my Granddad

Necklace – Tiffany & Co. (a gift from mummy)

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5 May

003 (2)So last night I was reporting for VIVA on Manchester’s It event at The Palace Hotel, where my editor Emma had signed up to fight in one of the eight boxing matches. She won of course, and my new friend and fellow intern Joanna and I spent most of the night drinking wine we shouldn’t have, enjoying far too much food and complaining earnestly about the frankly idiotic commentator and his  ring girls.

I had a bit of a panic on the day because I realised too late that I hadn’t anything that formal. I rush shopped The Trafford Centre and found this amazing mid-length skirt for £10 at Topshop. Amongst the boring black or white formality, I stuck out like a wannabe-Dior sore thumb.

005 (2)

Corset: Elle Macpherson Intimates

Skirt: Topshop

Shoes: Zara

Necklace: Primark