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What Your Perfume Says About You

19 Feb


I think that if someone took my perfumes off me then I’d be a bit like that one girl on America’s Next Top Model who has to have her long hair cut short: hysterical. Perfume is one of those things that I thought was pretty pointless until I was about sixteen and realised that it contributes massively to the overall aura you emanate. I love scent. Apart from my perfumes, I use a scented gel in the shower (I like Jimmy Choo) and The Body Shop’s hand cream in wild rose: layering scents will give you a unique prettiness whilst being really indulgent. I recommend getting more than one perfume because I hate it when I become used to a scent and can’t smell my own perfume: half of the pleasure of wearing it is gone if you can’t smell how glamorous you are.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll choose your perfume depending on your mood…here are the just some of the ways you might feel when you reach for these perfumes.



Giorgio Armani Si

You’re motivated and focused and it’s probable that nothing will be good enough for you today. Unless you live in NYC, London or Rome, your surroundings are blindingly unattractive. You’re either wearing shoes that are inappropriate for hills, or a coat that does not provide warmth. You might read a classic novel in public and consider taking up smoking (before remembering that it gives you cancer and will also obscure your scent.)


Diesel Loverdose Tattoo

You’re wearing an awful lot of dark eye make up and something leather and/or with studs. You’re listening to The Strypes and you give the international student who just took eight hours in the only toilet cubicle a dark look of violent  intent.


Viktor & Rolf Fowerbomb

You went to sleep in a silk playsuit and wake up feeling like a sexy little thing that possibly stars in Mad Men and definitely shops at Miu Miu. The bottle is shaped like a grenade but it’s a sugar-coated one. You are likely to buy a creme egg and smile at everyone that passes. Men like this one.


Chanel Chance

Today you are  the Marilyn Monroe/Tippi Hedren/Audrey Hepburn/Grace Kelly on campus and just one spritz of this absolutely proves it. You suddenly have an opinion on the state of Greece’s economy and decline an offer to go to Corp in favour of an evening in watching black and white movies and surrounded by pillows.


Gucci Guilty

You’re wearing really, really nice knickers.


The Great Gatsby novel – Waterstones

Fang necklace – Black Tied

Pearls – Vintage

Knickers – Victoria’s Secret



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VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out

21 Jan




On October 10 2013, my life reached this ridiculous sort of high that was buoyed up on employment satisfaction and champagne bubbles. I cam across these photographs again today and realised I hadn’t shown a lot of them on here.

I was actually surprised the day at VIVA HQ way back in March when I heard that VOGUE magazine was going to host their annual fashion extravaganza in Manchester. Don’t get me wrong, I’m endlessly proud to be Mancunian and see it is a perfect setting to host it, but I had no idea that the conservatively London-centric magazine would see my city the same way. By marking Manchester on their treasure map with a great glistening cross, VOGUE turned Deansgate – Exchange Square into a fairytale, Valentino kitten heeled stomping ground. These pictures were taken by Georgie Glass of The Slimmer Photographer, and Matthew Corner, and they epitomise my incredible evening.



With Alexandra SchulmanImageImage1378171_10202210743729345_816879856_nImageImageWith Jonathon Saunders1381319_10202210746409412_230260498_nImageImageImageImageImageImageSelfridge'sat 'Vogue Fashion's Night Out Manchester Opening Party at Hugo Boss'

The Birds

18 Jan


Though there is the small factor of Alfred Hitchcock’s obsessive sexual mania for his leading ladies – he had Tippi followed to make sure she wasn’t seeing other men – no once can deny that he has an incredible knack of identifying stars. After Grace Kelly light-footed her way to Monaco to become a real-life Princess, Hitchcock was stuck for a leading lady.

Bound by his ravenous delight for blonde women, he identified ‘Tippi’ Hedren as his next victim when he saw her in an advertisement on television. Her abuse at the hands of the cockney director cannot be denied, but the little good that did come of his lecherous advances transformed Tippi into a bona fide style icon.

I was actually convinced that there couldn’t be a Hitchcock movie sartorially superior to Rear Window, in which Grace Kelly swoops around James Stewart’s apartment in an Edith Head masterpiece. But then I saw The Birds. And Erdem’s The Birds inspired collection made a million times more sense. I all but squealed with delight every time Tippi so much as picked up her faultless bag. Again designed by Edith Head, the three costumes in this movie are paired with perfect peach nails and lips and the most elegance I have ever seen in any woman in my entire life. If I am every one eighth as glamorous as Tippi Hedren, I will have performed a great feat.


Bag – Prada

Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Tweed suit – Carven

Faux fur – Coast

Starting 2014 With Beautiful Things

6 Jan


Kimono by Love at Topshop

The online Topshop sale is like if Olivia Palermo and Fearne Cotton had a baby (that’s a great thing.)

February Tatler

Their tongue is so firmly in their cheeks, I do wonder if it hurts sometimes.

Agent Provocateur Moisture-rich soap

It’s powder pink and from the earth’s sexiest lingerie company. Cool gift points aunty Debbie!

The Olive Branch Shower Gel at Lush

Like having the Med slither down your thighs, curing every exfoliant abrasion. aahhh.

Lacy Not Racy, and Bobbing For Baubles Nail polishes by Essie

As you can probably tell from my photographs, my nails detest varnish. They reject it within an hour or so. Essie is definitely the most stubborn. I get one every time I visit my hairdressers (The Red Angel Hair Company in Altrincham.)

Celebrate Body Lotion at Lush

More perfect organic pampering decadence from the almighty pleasant-smelling shop.

Morning After Dry Shampoo by Umberto Giannini

I’ve used Batiste for far too long in ignorance of this. Smells delicious. Not sticky. I bow down.

Lingerie Set at H&M

H&M is overlooked in the lingerie department. The best fit.

All She Wants For Christmas (It’s Not You)

8 Dec

I’m not saying that I’m an expert, but I am saying that I’ve been shopping enough times and looked in enough magazines to know what girls want. And I am one.

Here’s a list of beautiful little things to buy for your girlfriend/’friend’/mother (don’t get her the lingerie though…)

xmas for her

1) IT, by Alexa Chung. Girls love Alexa Chung. She’s transcendent of style/beauty/rock star dating. This coffee table book contains lists, pictures, musings and memories from the world’s number one IT girl. It’s also in the colour of the season: powder pink. £17, all good book stores.

2) Biscuits Cushions. They’re biscuits, but they’re also cushions. A jammy dodger and a party ring to choose from, I just don’t know who wouldn’t want one of these, quite frankly. £22 each, notonthehighstreet.com

3) Statement t-shirt. They’re still insouciant, they’re still awesome and they’re still worn by all the big bloggers. £21, iwanthatmusthavethat.nl

4) Tartan scarf/throw. Tartan is going to be big until it starts to warm up, so if you’re in the North like me, then that’ll be like, April. Go to Zara-Women-Accessories-Scarves to find a tonne of other perfect scarves. Zara, £18.

5) Lingerie. Obviously. Make sure you check her size on the sly, but in a non-sex-pest-manner please. This set is L’Agent, which is an affordable version of the world’s sexiest lingerie brand: Agent Provocateur. Available online and in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Debenhams. L’Agent, bra £61 and panties £30.

6) Lipstick, by Giorgio Armani. The brand’s first ‘CC’ lipstick. All that means is that it’s bright vibrant colour as well as lip care. I can’t go without these in the winter or my lips crack. They’re just amazing. Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy, £21.

7) ‘Roses’ Candle, by Diptyque. Candles are interior design porn. Fact. Diptyque are the best because not only do they smell heavenly, but their amazing jars can be re-used when the wax eventually burns down *sob*. Find them in the makeup basement at Selfridges and online. Diptyque, £40.

8) Feather Skull Bangle, by Daisy Knights. Out of all the jewelery out there, Daisy Knights is probably the best without having to take a mortgage out. All her stuff is available on asos.com too. Gold bangle, £215.

9) ‘Si’, by Giorgio Armani. This is, without quabble, the best perfume of the winter. Eau de Parfum, £45 for 30ml.

10) Leather and Feather sandals, by Topshop. They’re as covetable as they are impractical. Most girls would die for these. Topshop, £85.

11) Snapshot, by The Strypes. They’re seriously, seriously great, toured with the Arctic Monkeys this year and their album is dripping with rock ‘n’ roll sexiness. Odds are, they’re younger than you too being between sixteen and eighteen (scary.) Snapshot, £9.99.