The Trends Of Spring and Summer 2014

13 Mar

The cobwebs have come off my Ray Bans and they’re skew wiff on my face because they are so old. Spin classes are ending in sliding off the saddle in a puddle of sweat (even more so than usual, that is.) I’m wearing my lilac trench coat.

Is it…spring?

I know this is going to jinx everything ever but it’s finally sunny and that means it’s time to step over the FW14/15 stuff we’ve been staring bleary eyed at in the weak grey light of February. It’s time for the grotesque flowers, the too-short tunics and the dolly mixture shades (okay, I’ve already been doing those a lot.) This year boasts such a feminine and vibrant pallette and it is finally finally time to rip off the tights and get down to wearing the shit out of them!

bohoEven if you didn’t take a gap year, you can totally dress like you’ve just been getting comatose in the ruins bars of Budapest and clinging to the roof of an Indian train. Basically, Nicole Richie everything up with inapproprioately long tassells and fringes that will drag in the mud at Glasto. I die at Valentino’s maximilaist tunics and you can get out your Lana Del Rey flower crown again from last year!


“Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking.” No, there is nothing earth shatteringly diverse about flowers in spring, but you still want to do it, don’t you. You don’t have to go textbook like at Christopher Kane but otheriwse go mental. Stick ’em everywhere.

pastelsI’ve already talked about this one a lot. It’s the best. Just google SS14 Burberry and copy everything okay? okay.

artI have to say that I’m not a big fan of this trend but it was so ubiquitous that I’d be a bad fashionista to not point it out. Giant faces on T-shirts have never ever been chic, and in my opinion, Miuccia Prada saying tha they suddenly are doesn’t make them un-ugly. Instead, take a look at that middle look by Dior and tell me that you don’t want to look like you’re wearing bubble bath separates adorned with one neat little picture in the middle.



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