Fashion Month For Dummies

5 Mar

tartan on acid

There wasn’t a fashion magazine that didn’t show the highland/punk red tartan look last year. And if you found one, stop reading it immediately because it probably doesn’t know much about fashion.  “Punk ain’t dead” was 2013/14’s firm mantra, and it was paired rather literally with nose rings and clumpy boots with chains. Next winter there is less of a didactic approach to the print and more of a zaney and futuristic one.

fairytaleOnce upon a time there was a plethora of designers who realised that every woman on earth still wants to be a princess. In a wearable (ish), modern way –  but a princess nonetheless. There were tiaras and lace and flowers. Red Valentino even showed clutches sloganed “fairest of them all”. And those who could afford it lived happily ever after.

turtle neck

A turtle neck sweater is one of those items that is considered completely hideous if it hasn’t been shown on the catwalks, and completely magnificent if it has. Once reserved for the back of your wardrobe and for the backs of every single Love Actually character – ever, the turtle neck is here to stay after this year’s outing. The rules however, remain the same: don’t frump up everywhere else or you’ll look like Mother Theresa and don’t wear them if you have boobs bigger than a C cup or you’ll look like Peggy Mitchell.


candy shopAfter the catwalks awash with pick ‘n’ mix and melted ice cream shades became my favourite SS14 shows last September, I was completely thrilled that the designers latched on to the theme and that it will be ongoing for another winter season. What we thought would be a throw away fashion buy is in fact an exciting, saccharine and continuing trend. Hurray!

supermarket chic

No matter what anyone says, fashion is about fun. About dressing up, expressing your personality and your mood through outward items of beauty. So even if you don’t like the work of Karl Lagerfeld, Anya Hindmarch and Jeremy Scott then quite frankly my dear, they don’t give a damn. I predict that New Look will be all over this like a rash, so let’s appreciate the raw beauty while we can.

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