What Your Perfume Says About You

19 Feb


I think that if someone took my perfumes off me then I’d be a bit like that one girl on America’s Next Top Model who has to have her long hair cut short: hysterical. Perfume is one of those things that I thought was pretty pointless until I was about sixteen and realised that it contributes massively to the overall aura you emanate. I love scent. Apart from my perfumes, I use a scented gel in the shower (I like Jimmy Choo) and The Body Shop’s hand cream in wild rose: layering scents will give you a unique prettiness whilst being really indulgent. I recommend getting more than one perfume because I hate it when I become used to a scent and can’t smell my own perfume: half of the pleasure of wearing it is gone if you can’t smell how glamorous you are.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll choose your perfume depending on your mood…here are the just some of the ways you might feel when you reach for these perfumes.



Giorgio Armani Si

You’re motivated and focused and it’s probable that nothing will be good enough for you today. Unless you live in NYC, London or Rome, your surroundings are blindingly unattractive. You’re either wearing shoes that are inappropriate for hills, or a coat that does not provide warmth. You might read a classic novel in public and consider taking up smoking (before remembering that it gives you cancer and will also obscure your scent.)


Diesel Loverdose Tattoo

You’re wearing an awful lot of dark eye make up and something leather and/or with studs. You’re listening to The Strypes and you give the international student who just took eight hours in the only toilet cubicle a dark look of violent  intent.


Viktor & Rolf Fowerbomb

You went to sleep in a silk playsuit and wake up feeling like a sexy little thing that possibly stars in Mad Men and definitely shops at Miu Miu. The bottle is shaped like a grenade but it’s a sugar-coated one. You are likely to buy a creme egg and smile at everyone that passes. Men like this one.


Chanel Chance

Today you are  the Marilyn Monroe/Tippi Hedren/Audrey Hepburn/Grace Kelly on campus and just one spritz of this absolutely proves it. You suddenly have an opinion on the state of Greece’s economy and decline an offer to go to Corp in favour of an evening in watching black and white movies and surrounded by pillows.


Gucci Guilty

You’re wearing really, really nice knickers.


The Great Gatsby novel – Waterstones

Fang necklace – Black Tied

Pearls – Vintage

Knickers – Victoria’s Secret



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One Response to “What Your Perfume Says About You”

  1. Petrina February 19, 2014 at 5:15 pm #

    I love Si and Flowerbomb, this was a very interesting post.


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