NYFW : Reasons To Keep Getting Excited About Your Pastel Coat

10 Feb

Things the pastel coat is not: over.

When I purchased my pink coat last week, I was mostly completely swept away by the sheer incredible-ness of me finding such a perfect and still very in-season piece in the sale in my size. You will be happy to know dear reader (especially if you are my mum or dad) that there was also a small but nevertheless discernible ember deep inside me that wondered whether this particular purchase would be wearable for longer than the next month. This part of me was worried that by March, people would be looking at me with a face that says, amongst other things: ‘why is this chick wearing a dressing gown?’

Never fear fellow nutty fashion followers! For this week is New York Fashion Week and a plethora of very brave (legs out in the Polar Vortex, bless them) people are reporting back pictures such as these below. So fresh off the catwalks of New York they’re still smoking, and courtesy of style.com, feast your eyes on at least another year of dressing-gown wearing without the fear of funny looks on the bus! X

rebecca minkoff txtrebecca minkoffoc txt

opening ceremony

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rebecca taylor 4DKNY TXT


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tibi3js txtkill stuartdl txtderek lam 2twitfb

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One Response to “NYFW : Reasons To Keep Getting Excited About Your Pastel Coat”

  1. pipa February 11, 2014 at 12:36 am #

    Amazing post!!!!



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