Student Swap : Louboutin

6 Feb

About fifty percent of my shoes collection have studs on them. My two (sometimes) neat row of shoes are, in the eyes of sartorial mortals, an armoury of punk weapons. My beige All Saints boots with their solid wooden soles and heavy studded ankle cuffs have been subject to much discussion regarding self-defence. Could they disarm a lecherous club-goer and his slimy tenticles in Corp? Most likely, though I refuse to wear my babies to the place that has earned ‘Corp Shoes’ as a fashion epithet. Could they in fact, cause GBH if they were aimed in the correct trajectory with great force? Even this has been sensibly discussed and considered.

Any shoe that incites debate regarding their potential as ammunition is a shoe to revere, even if your admiration is just in order to mollify the rage of the wearer. The pigalle stud ballerina pumps of Christian Louboutin’s red soled designs are angsty cases-in-point. They’re really loud expression of your fashion enslavement, and they dare anyone to question your audacity to spend upwards of £500 on a pair of shoes. Again, we despair at our studentship and forgo the Loubs for more palatable fashion artillery. These high street-a-likes are from Zara and they’re a tenth of the price of the Louboutin 0ffering, but you could definitely still blind someone with their studded beauty. Whether you blind them with blistering envy, or with the pointy end of the toe as it is flung across the dancefloor is entirely up to you. *

Student Swap: Louboutin

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* The dirty, pretty little thing take no responsibility for any blinding that may occur at the hands of angry studded flat wearers.


One Response to “Student Swap : Louboutin”

  1. petrina February 6, 2014 at 3:34 pm #

    That’s such a good saving, I love loving the new collection in Zara.


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