The Birds

18 Jan


Though there is the small factor of Alfred Hitchcock’s obsessive sexual mania for his leading ladies – he had Tippi followed to make sure she wasn’t seeing other men – no once can deny that he has an incredible knack of identifying stars. After Grace Kelly light-footed her way to Monaco to become a real-life Princess, Hitchcock was stuck for a leading lady.

Bound by his ravenous delight for blonde women, he identified ‘Tippi’ Hedren as his next victim when he saw her in an advertisement on television. Her abuse at the hands of the cockney director cannot be denied, but the little good that did come of his lecherous advances transformed Tippi into a bona fide style icon.

I was actually convinced that there couldn’t be a Hitchcock movie sartorially superior to Rear Window, in which Grace Kelly swoops around James Stewart’s apartment in an Edith Head masterpiece. But then I saw The Birds. And Erdem’s The Birds inspired collection made a million times more sense. I all but squealed with delight every time Tippi so much as picked up her faultless bag. Again designed by Edith Head, the three costumes in this movie are paired with perfect peach nails and lips and the most elegance I have ever seen in any woman in my entire life. If I am every one eighth as glamorous as Tippi Hedren, I will have performed a great feat.


Bag – Prada

Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Tweed suit – Carven

Faux fur – Coast


2 Responses to “The Birds”

  1. Paddy February 7, 2014 at 6:00 pm #

    Have you seen Marnie? It’s the other film Hitchcock made with Hedren. It’s not as much fun as The Birds but it’s still really cool, and everyone looks awesome in it, and Sean Connery’s in it too, which is even better 🙂

    • jessatkinson7 February 7, 2014 at 6:33 pm #

      Hi Paddy! I’ll definitely definitely watch this. Thank you! X

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