Starting 2014 With Beautiful Things

6 Jan


Kimono by Love at Topshop

The online Topshop sale is like if Olivia Palermo and Fearne Cotton had a baby (that’s a great thing.)

February Tatler

Their tongue is so firmly in their cheeks, I do wonder if it hurts sometimes.

Agent Provocateur Moisture-rich soap

It’s powder pink and from the earth’s sexiest lingerie company. Cool gift points aunty Debbie!

The Olive Branch Shower Gel at Lush

Like having the Med slither down your thighs, curing every exfoliant abrasion. aahhh.

Lacy Not Racy, and Bobbing For Baubles Nail polishes by Essie

As you can probably tell from my photographs, my nails detest varnish. They reject it within an hour or so. Essie is definitely the most stubborn. I get one every time I visit my hairdressers (The Red Angel Hair Company in Altrincham.)

Celebrate Body Lotion at Lush

More perfect organic pampering decadence from the almighty pleasant-smelling shop.

Morning After Dry Shampoo by Umberto Giannini

I’ve used Batiste for far too long in ignorance of this. Smells delicious. Not sticky. I bow down.

Lingerie Set at H&M

H&M is overlooked in the lingerie department. The best fit.


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