Some Like It Hot

30 Dec

UntitledThe movie I watched today that will be my next inspiration is my second starring Monroe. The first one I watched was The Seven Year Itch, which had me understanding immediately the allure of the original blonde bombshell. She has the sexy/cute/wide-eyed ‘innocent’ Sex Goddess down to a tee. She is in essence, a dirty pretty little thing.

Some Like It Hot felt like a natural follow-up. The general feeling I got from the movie sartorially (other than a cloche is the best way to hide that you are a man) is glamour. Glamorous in the day, glamorous on stage, glamorous in your train bunk at night. Monroe was never ever ever without a hint of unadulterated, sugarplum coquette. When it comes to Marilyn Monroe, everyone likes it hot.

Perfume -Chanel No. 5

Lace, Satin and Lace Lingerie – La Perla

Dress – Marchesa

Lace Pencil Skirt – No. 21

Embellished t-shirt – Schumacher



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