A Bout De Souffle

28 Dec

Simon and I have started to work our way through some of those movies that appear on every site’s top 250. So far, we’ve freaked out at Les Diaboliques and cried at One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (okay, so I cried.) Two nights ago I decided to a brave French movie and watched the whole thing without English subtitles.

I’ve been told that A Bout de Souffle is all about the aesthetics and less about the narrative anyway, but I understood maybe a third of the dialogue too – it helped that Patricia’s French is rudimentary like mine and therefore easier to understand.

I want to start documenting some of the amazing styles that are prevalent in these films. Great movies are absolutely saturated with contemporary style and I just think that fashion is all about dressing up! Channelling inspirational characters is so fun!


An American in Paris, Jean Seberg’s Patricia larks around with a car thief and murderer having lots of sex and interviewing stars. A man’s button down for the post-coital and breton stripes with pleats for the journalism, this wardrobe is a hedonistic marriage of nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties sexiness in Jean Luc-Godard’s nouvelle vague masterpiece.

Men’s shirt – Banana Republic

Breton Striped top – Toast

Pleated Skirt – Tara Jarmon

Gel Liner – Bobbi Brown

Sunglasses – Prada


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