Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

20 Dec

A last minute trip to the country’s finest traveling fifties club night Itchy Feet lead to a serious experiment in the realm of nineteen fifties dress-up.

I was discontented with my normal hair. I couldn’t possibly watch a real-life swing band and dance like a maniac to Hound Dog with modern locks; that would be disrespectful. So I went for a female Elvis look: scraped back on one side and voluminous on the other, held together with lashings of hairspray.

The make up was really easy but I love it’s beautiful simplicity. It’s so feminine and striking. I was following images of Marilyn Monroe and even decided to draw a beauty spot on with an eyebrow pencil! The rest was just a really great red lipstick, flawless skin, neat eyebrows, countouring and ‘Sin’ from the inimitable NAKED palette.

Ark in Sheffield is responsible for this amazing Hearts and Bows dress! I bought it because I wanted to fantasise that I was Alexa in Valentino, but it proved impeccable for imitating the post-war housewife/wannabe pin-up. The actual evening was marvelous – I couldn’t believe that it was actually a club night and not some weird tryst into the shiny past.


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