Meeting Jamie Laing

15 Dec

It is comforting that Jamie Laing finds it “impossible to stop” returning when confronted with the orange cellophane of a box of Jaffa Cakes. As the heir to the Jaffa Cake himself ; Prince of Mcvites, Jamie confirms that their more-ish allure is not reserved only for the mere mortal. When asked if a whole box is ample sating, he confirms that it’s probably possible to put them down at around thirty.

Like a puppy, Jamie bounds from attraction to attraction in his extremely vogue black jacket. It’s from Cloth Surgeon, and he’s eager to discuss it – “do you like my blacked out look?” he asks, “I’m not very angelic so I couldn’t do white…”

I don’t have doubts about the ‘reality’ of Made in Chelsea again after I track the Chelsea boi down in the wake of Nadine Merabi’s fashion debut at Ono Uno in All Star Bowl. He is undoubtedly his on screen self: an outrageous flirt, diehard hedonist and unabashed woman lover. I promise that I am telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when I say that the words “what up VIVA girls” actually came out of Jamie Laing’s mouth. I was there and I have auditory evidence.

He’s similarly Jamie-From-Made-In-Chelsea when he spots our friend Paul. His resemblance to Spencer is immediately delightful to Jamie, and pictorial evidence swiftly follows: “my boi pug will love this!”

jamie and spencer

When I finally rest Jamie’s attention from the frivolity of VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out, I ask to see his Peter Pan silhouette tattoo. He is more than willing, wrestling his jacket off to show me – “I love him” he tells me impishly, presenting his left bicep.  Though expressing some regret on the show, Jamie is now at peace with his ink, playfully telling me that “he talks to me at night!” I ask him what he says and he replies swiftly: “Good advice, always!”The self-confessed lost boy absolutely refuses to grow up, and it’s infectious. Listening back to the recording is tantamount to being back there with him in the bowling alley as he soars on unending attention.

In the context of his tattoo, he has some advice for us: “don’t regret anything that’s your choice,” he decides swiftly. He’s clearly though this through before as he is arrantly confident in his words : “if it’s your own choice, never regret it – just go with it.” For a mantra on life, I’m tempted to agree with him. And I’m tempted to choose Jaffa Cakes.

me and jamie


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