Better Than Socks

9 Dec

Seeing as the women’s gift guide was so popular, I thought I’d do a male version, especially as they’re notoriously difficult to buy for.

Warning: No video games included; if he’s just got a PS4 or Xbox One then I’d consider getting something for that too.


1 and 2) Sweatshirts, by Topman. It’s cold. They’re sweaters. I have nothing witty to offer. Grey £30 and blue £35, both Topman.

3) ‘Musings Of A Genius’ Notebook, by Smythson. It’s the best stationery brand and Smythson’s notebooks are an ideal marriage of pretense and rebellion. Gold embossed leather and yet doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks; I can’t even begin to explain how attractive a man writing his ‘genius musings’ in this would look. Even if he is just drawing boobs. £49 by Smythson at

4) ‘The Godfather Family Album’, by Paul Duncan and Steve Shapiro. A fascinating hardback look into the Godfather trilogy with candid shots and assorted essays. £24 from

5) Sneakers, by New Balance. These shoes are the comfiest things ever. They’re also pretty and know it. Look at them. Just look. £60 from Foot Asylum. 

6) Giant Toblerone. 4.5kg of unadulterated Swiss almond nougat chocolate. FOUR POINT FIVE KILOGRAMS. This shit is legal. £90 from Selfridges.

7) Hot Dog Toaster. This toaster looks like it came straight out of Madmen (that’s a good thing). It doesn’t toast bread though, it toasts hot dogs. Two buns and two dogs at the same time! £45.45 from

8) Red, by Ralph Lauren. As the L’oreal PR agent who gave it to me said: “it smells like fit boys.” £46 for 100ml.

9) Skull Print, by Evie Kemp. I asked Simon if he liked this and he said no. I’m really hoping that everyone else likes it enough to have on their wall! £23 from

10) GQ Subscription, at Conde Nast. GQ stands for Gentlemen’s Quarterly. It’s now a monthly installment but it’s still for gentlemen. There is an awful lot of suits, music reviews, amazing write ups and really hot women. £30 for twelve issues from


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