1 Dec

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If you think Primark is for plebeians then I have one question for you, and that question is not ‘how relaxing are your Saturday shops?’ It is ‘when did your horse get so high?’

Transparent leggings and own brand make up aside (God forbid you’ve worn either), there has been an interesting revolution going on in this, the cheapest of high street stores. Glamour magazine recently posted forty three full lookbook pictures of the FW13 offering online, and it’s no Freudian slip of press releases.

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On several occasions I have seen young women sporting the cutesy collared and bowed tartan mini dress, otherwise decked out in ‘higher end’ items. Thwarted by the sizing of this particular piece, I was instead drawn into a search for one of the FW13 hypes.

The bambi sweater by Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy did contentious girlishness in a perfect angsty marriage between emo teenager and wide-eyed-baby-deer. It’s been seen on the backs of the fashion elite and can be worn every which way – even, it seems, with a bungee rope as a belt. For reasons I couldn’t possibly bring to light (the stylish inadequacy of Lincoln’s Primark staff), the sweater was found bereft beneath a pile of other, lesser jumpers.

The Givenchy version retails for £750. The Primark offering? A tenner. Dismount your high horse at once and risk being trampled upon for what is clearly the sexiest Disney offering of all time.


Carine Roitfeld did it. That means you have to.

Carine Roitfeld did it. That means you have to.

Alexa Chung did it too

Alexa Chung did it too

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