27 Jun

It’s been a disgustingly indecent amount of time since I last posted due to a combination of exams, my new man and my recent trip to New York City!

I thought I’d share some pictures from my trip, as well as giving you a couple of travel tips!Bryant Park 3

If you’re short on time, sack off Central Park for this beauty: Bryant Park, which is nestled in the centre of the hottie-filled Public Library, the chicest hotel you’ve ever seen (see above) and The Empire State Building. Host to an outdoor film festival in summer beneath the fairy lights. Unmissable.

Central ParkBubba Gump Burger

It is frankly blasphemous to go to the USA and not have one of their cheeseburgers for which they are veritable connoisseurs (unless you are vegetarian..or Jewish). Have one anywhere and you know it’ll be sublime – even their McDonald’s patties are world class. The above  eyeful was by far the best burger I have ever eaten (I’ve had a lot), and was enjoyed in Bubba Gump alongside a view of Times Square.

Observatory 2

The Rockefeller ‘Top of the Rock’ Observatory. Far superior to The Empire State’s enormous queues. Oh, and this way the Empire State can actually be visually appreciated.

Joe's Pizza 4

Gargantuan food. See also: the famous NYC one slice pizza. Joe’s Famous Pizza. 7 Carmine St. The Greenwich Village.


Soho Soho Soho. Enough said.

Taxi (Misc)Times Squaredonut


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