Gentlemen: Reasons Not To Shave (But Your Beard Must Behave)

25 Apr


Beards make you sexier. True fact.

My advice to all the gentlemen out there who have never tried out their beards is to put down the Gilette, step away from the  cream and go cold turkey on shaving for a little while. Why? Because it’s damn hot, that’s why. Women love a man to be a man (expect those weird ones who fancy hairless, string-vested ponces on Geordie Shore) and that includes having hair where we don’t: on your face (and chest: unfortunately something you’re either blessed with or not).

But step away from the lone mustache, that shit is just creepy.

Reasons to embrace your inner caveman: and yes, names count as reasons.

1. Gerard Butler


2. Johnny Depp

johnny_depp113. Ryan Gosling

ryan_gosling_blonde_beard_blue4. This Transformation


5. Tom Hardy


6. This guytumblr_ml5mupjjLJ1r9ncflo1_500

7. Jude Frickin’ Law





2 Responses to “Gentlemen: Reasons Not To Shave (But Your Beard Must Behave)”

  1. lisasplate May 3, 2013 at 1:39 pm #

    Best post ever…I love guys with beards.

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