This Is The Cold One Hundred

25 Mar

tcoh (533x800)“Don’t put that in” – it’s the request that fills the interview. That and Josh’ (already pissed at 2pm) giggles. Luckily for them, I obliged…on VIVA.

On my blog however, I feel it appropriate to tell you that they think they are ‘all bastards’ (I’m not convinced), that they definitely won’t be asked back to play at Kendall Calling (thievery of beer) and that Jacob is in love (“not with you, Jess”). Oh, and apparently, Josh hates playing the guitar.

I discovered that they find fashion trends ‘naff’ and that they prefer to dress according to the classicism of the nineteen eighties, and in turn the nineteen fifties – which is probably why they look so great.


A question I left out entirely in the VIVA version was the one concerning their support of The Vaccines. Not only did I immediately receive the response that it was “underwhelming”, but an extended discussion that suggested naming my article: “The Vaccines: Exposed” – “They’d smoked a lot of street weed before their set”, I was told; “The Vaccines take drugs – we’ve seen it!” sniggered Josh.

I absolutely loved interviewing the guys; apart from their impeccable dress sense and obvious talent, I was impressed by their love of literature, the resounding “no” I received when I asked if they are gamers, and their hushed reverence of the magic of pizza.


It was the gig though, that really deposited the gigantic chocolate button (does anyone love glacé cherries?) on top of the VIVA cake. It really did feel like a house party – albeit with over three hundred whiskeys to choose from downstairs. The set they played was honestly incredible and the atmosphere was so intimate and pleasant. Dancing afterwards to the greatest playlist of all time, I can’t help but agree with Jacob that The Briton’s Protection is the best pub in Manchester. They’re hoping to make the free party/gig a monthly thing and I know I’ll be coming back from Sheffield whenever this is even a possibility.

Familiarise yourself with the band and come down to their next gig (Be sure you’ll hear from me when it’s approaching!). Maybe in the future  it’ll be them and not Tony Wilson that makes the Briton’s Protection so iconic.

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