Work Experience Day Three: Accessories Shoot

20 Mar


‘Hectic’ doesn’t begin to cover today. The accessories shoot was great, even though all the talk of fashion shoots being unglamorous, cold, and involving lots of standing around is very true. In the topmost room of a rickety Northern Quarter building, the McQ by Alexander McQueen hot pink clutch and the stack of Toy Watches came out for the photographer. It was so exciting!


On the way to the shoot, the editor and I were drafted to buy fish ‘n’ chip shop chips for the diva stylists who weren’t happy with the cold food they were offered. At the shoot everyone was really lovely, and I spent most of the time taking pictures for this blog, the VIVA Twitter account, and videoing for the photographer.


The awesome new band that I wrote about yesterday got back to me about doing an interview with them, so I’ll be doing that this Saturday before I go to their gig!  I was also given three more phone interviews – DJ Dirty Freud, Channel Four Presenter Celia Sawyer and Race car driver Oli Webb that will be done and written in the next week.

Coming up: a gin bar crawl in Knutsford, the Cold One Hundred Interview and gig, brunch at Neighbourhood on The Avenue, a gym class review and a jewelry launch in Wilmslow.053





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