Work Experience Day Two – A Lack Of Whiskey But A Superfluity Of Work

19 Mar


After yesterday’s whiskey charade, the editor came to her senses and made me work more like the intern-slave I was expecting – although I’ve still not had to make a grande-caramel-macchiato-hot-and-I-mean-hot coffee like I was worrying about (too much Devil Wears Prada influence there, I think).


I did however, write a couple of reviews and articles for the online magazine (not all credited with my name, but with VIVA Web Team), including a review on yesterday’s competition which isn’t up yet, and a brief review of the hilarious Russell Brand-hosted Xfm show from last night!


I also stumbled on an amazing Mancunian band called the Cold One Hundred – they’re like The Smiths but they’re young, fresh – and sexy. On To The Next One is particularly good, and the video for Hedonist is shot at the Victoria Baths which is magnificent. There’s a free party hosted by them this Saturday in Manchester, promising ‘loud music, cheap spirits and sexual tension’. Be there or be square.

DSCF0062cold one hundred


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