Work Experience Day One – Drunk on the Job

18 Mar


For the next three weeks I’m working for VIVA lifestyle magazine ( in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. An actual and substantial internship at a glossy magazine – let’s go!

There was frost and sun glistening outside when I decided on my Zara pencil skirt and plain white top for my first day – with my vintage Louis Vuitton briefcase, I felt older than nineteen.

Within an hour, I’d been set to work on an article for the online magazine on Hope&Glory coffee machines (which are actually really cute) as well as a radio phenomenon with Russell Brand and Noel Gallagher tonight.

I’ve also been signed up for a few events this week that I’ll be letting you know about and see in pictures!

A fitness class in Deansgate and a gin-based bar crawl in Knutsford are to be expected.

Today however, I got very very drunk on the job and it was allowed. I’m drunk now in fact.

I was drafted along to a cocktail making competition at The Whiskey Jar in Manchester which is a marellous place with oak floorboards, Irish music, incredible ambience and lots of whiskey. Lots.

In the process of social networking while my boss judged the exciting Jameson whiskey-based cocktails, I drank.

I may feel numb and dizzy, but I can safely say that whiskey and ginger and whiskey and apple juice cocktails are divine, but Pickle Back Beer is to be steered clear of. Oh, and I love magazine work already.





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