The Definitive List of Beauty Essentials Part One

28 Feb

Last week, I went clubbing with my girl friends and I ended up taking on the role of the resident make-up artist and doing a Victoria’s Secret Angel look on them all (because who doesn’t want to look like Candy and Rosie?). It lead to many queries concerning hair and beauty, and ultimately, the next day in a hungover state, the following definitive list:


naked palette

These twelve colours are THE ONLY eye shadows you will ever need. They are so pigmented that there isn’t even any need for the mini primer potion that comes with it. I’ve created hundreds of looks from this pallette; I use it every single day without fail (sometimes twice) and none of the colours are yet to hit pan (not even Buck, which I use as my eyebrow colour.)


lush scrub

When I was sad a few years ago, I went in to the city for some solo retail therapy, and on the way out of the inevitable Starbucks trip, I spotted Lush. Still in need of cheering, I went in and immediately came accross their incredible little lip scrubs. I suffer from horribly dry lips because of a tendency to lick them a lot in concentration, and this product has been an absolute lifesaver for me. You scrub your lips with the exfoliant and then lick off the yummy tasting stuff to remove it – easy and delicious! I’ve tried bubblegum and popcorn, but my personal favourite is chocolate mint.


xen tan

I never was a fake tan girl. I always hated the overpowering scent and frankly unpleasant visual of chavvy girls in high school covered in the streaky orange gloop. That was until my first spray tan before a trip to Chicago. The spa I went to used Xen Tan which wasn’t a brand I’d ever heard of before. It turned out to be astonishingly good and is now an absolute essential. Although it does have a scent during the period of time you let it deepen, it is a pleasant, biscuity aroma. Applied with a mitt, the tan somehow manages to spread to those places you inevitably missed, and ultimately deepen to a very convincing, Mediterranean dusk.


moroccan oil

Simply marvellous for your locks, especially if yours are too long and full of split-ends like mine. Apply to damp hair after each wash and wonder at the exquisite softness and scent when it works its magic.


2 Responses to “The Definitive List of Beauty Essentials Part One”

  1. Must Have Boxes March 1, 2013 at 1:08 am #

    The Naked palette is one of my all-time favorites. I love the LUSH lip scrub too but I think that the Mint Julips scent smells the best.

    – KW

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