By Malene Birger

9 Feb


Malene Birger is doing it for the Danes. While the sartorial world’s eyes are firmly observing New York City through it’s SLRs and iPhones, Copenhagan Fashion Week also unfolds. Although Scandinavia has had it’s fair share of glory through Stockholm in the form of household names such as H&M and Cheap Monday, top designers like ACNE, Dagmar and Whyred, and even incredible Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling (, Copenhagan hasn’t had much of a say. Until now.

Although our very own Dame Vivienne Westwood showed there this week, it is native Dane Malene Birger’s collection which really excelled. In her opulent seventies vibe came a conglomoration of many different trends: the floppy fedora, the string of pearls, fur (yet more- yay!), polo necks and the feminine trouser suit. The look puts me in mind of a fearless, chic, and impeccably groomed woman and makes me really, really want a fluffy belted cardigan.

By_Malene_Birger_030_1366_450x675By_Malene_Birger_018_1366_450x675By_Malene_Birger_013_1366_450x675by malene birgerBy_Malene_Birger_009_1366_450x675


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