Blair, Cher, and the debut of the two-piece (finally)

4 Feb


I’m welcoming you to my blog with one of the most courageous outfits I’ve worn in years: the vibrant skirt suit! When I first clapped eyes on the ensemble in H&M, the first thing I envisioned was me stalking around the Student’s Union, bag in the crook of my arm, shouting love advice to my best friend down my i Phone à la Blair Waldorf or Clueless’ Cher.

Instead, the blazer and skirt spent many an outing in separation from each other and proved surprisingly versatile as centre pieces to hundreds of outfits (undoubtedly will be soon featured.)

It was not until this day, however, that I mustered the necessary gumption to stomp around Sheffield with the girls, bag obnoxiously large, heels painfully inappropriate for the amount of walking we did, and suit proudly overt on the Gossip-Girl free and cobbled streets.

Two-Piece: H&M; Tee: Zara TRF; Bag: Zara; Boots: Topshop; Glasses: Superdry Man; Belt: Pound Shop.


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